Geothermal Drilling
In Hudson, NY

Geothermal Energy Technology Can Save You Money On Heating & Cooling Costs For Your Home Or Business!!!
This sustainable and clean energy simply uses the earth’s renewable thermal energy, which can be found just below the surface or in large bodies of water.

Using Geothermal Pumps To Control The Heat Of Your Home...
No matter what the temperature is outside, once you dig a few feet into the surface of the earth, the temperature stays a constant 50 degrees (or so) all year round. During the heating season, your geothermal pump can take this heat energy, compress it, and pump it into your home to make your house warm and cozy. During the cooling season, the system will take the heat from your home and transfer it to the ground to make your house cool and comfortable.

Save money on your heating and cooling costs!

Geothermal Energy Is The Most Cost Effective Heating/Cooling For Your Home
According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, geothermal technology is the most cost-effective space conditioning system available for your property. You, the utility companies, and the environment will all benefit should you choose to allow us to install this system.

An Increase In Property Value
Adding a geothermal system will also increase your property value. The system can last up to 25 years due to its few moving parts.

Geothermal Design, Testing, Simulation, Inspection & More!
Our team can work with you on your geothermal well drilling needs from design to testing, stimulation, inspection of rigs, and much more. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Geothermal Well Drilling
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