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Hydro Flushing

Hydro Flushing (Hydrofracturing) is a water well development/rehabilitation method used to increase the yields of low-production water wells completed in rock where the fracture/joint systems are so poorly developed or so tight that little or no water can move through them.

The process can take place at the time a new well is constructed or it can be used at any time on an existing well with low or declining yield. The technique involves injecting high-pressure water via the drilled well into the rock formations surrounding it. Hydro flushing may widen fractures in the bedrock and extend them further into the formation and so increase the network of water-bearing fractures/ fissures supplying water to the well.

How does it work?

Hydro Flushing

First all pipes, wires and the pump need to be removed from the well. The procedure involves lowering an inflatable hard rubber packer down the well. The packer is then inflated to seal off a section of the well. The packer is set below the casing. Water is pumped at high pressure below the packer. Once the hydroflushing is complete we will install the water pump back in the well.

Hydro Flushing is not a guarantee! However hydro flushing has proven highly effective at increasing water production, increasing water storage, and improving reliability and reducing suspended sediment in water wells.

If your well ran out of water or is not producing enough water, you may be a candidate for hydroflushing. The entire hydroflushing process takes approximately 4-6 hours. You'll have running water that same day.


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